Become a First Contact Practitioner (FCP)

Be part of this exciting step forward for patient care and a new frontier for physiotherapy and healthcare in the UK.

The world is changing. Our growing and aging population means that primary care services, predominantly fronted by GPs, are under increasing pressure and need to adapt. 

The First Contact Practitioner (FCP) role is a new frontier for physiotherapy and healthcare in the UK. It has been created to simplify access to the most appropriate musculoskeletal care and to reduce the impact on GP workload. 

If you are a senior physiotherapist looking to advance and broaden your expertise within an NHS setting, you could be part of this exciting step forward for patient care in the UK by becoming an FCP. 

At Ascenti we can provide you with all the support and clinical training that you need to develop into an FCP role, where you will work independently as the first point of contact for a wide range of MSK referrals. The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP) estimates that

First Contact Practitioners (FCPs) may see as much as 50% of the GP MSK caseload. 

As a First Contact Practitioner (FCP) you will use your expert patient communication and assessment skills to prescribe appropriate treatment plans and self-management programmes for a variety of MSK conditions, aimed at reducing the likelihood and need for them to see a GP. 

Given that you are the first point of contact you will also be responsible for identifying any issues, red flags or complexities that may require triage or referral to other care pathways. 

If you are a senior physiotherapist and we have a First Contact Practitioner (FCP) opportunity that you are interested in, we will invest in your clinical development and support you with moving into this role. 

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