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02.26.18|Posted by Ascenti Team

Anterior knee pain

Pain at the front of the knee is a common problem experienced by around 25% of the population at some point in life. Clinicians and physiotherapists call this anterior knee pain, or patellofemoral pain.


  • If you have anterior knee pain you may experience: 
  • Occasional swelling around your knee 
  • Dull or aching pain around the front of your knee 
  • The feeling of the knee locking 
  • Weakness and instability – especially when going down hills or stairs 
  • Clicking or grating noises in the knee 


The knee joint is prone to problems because it takes the full weight of your body day-to-day.

Anterior knee pain can be caused by a range of factors, including: 

  • Joint and muscle imbalance 
  • Being overweight or obese – find out if you are a healthy weight
  • Biomechanics – how your body functions as a whole and distributes weight 
  • Over training – running and weight bearing sports 
  • Repetitive action or strain on the knee 
  • Injury or trauma 

Treatment with us 

Step by step we can help you to feel better. 

Your physiotherapist will discuss a treatment plan with you, which is likely to include: 

  • Soft-tissue massage 
  • Joint mobilisation 
  • Biomechanics and orthotics  
  • Resting and avoiding irritation 
  • Heat and ice to relieve pain and swelling
  • Exercises to improve motion and strength 
  • In some cases referral for injection therapy 

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