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Kirsty Lee
27 Jul

Exploring diastasis rectus abdominis

Specialist MSK Physiotherapist and Physiotherapy Development Lead at Ascenti, Kirsty Lee, explores a common issue in pregnancy – diastasis rectus abdominis: what it is, the impact it can have and how physiotherapy can help.
Paul Carson
14 Jul

Understanding the upper limb nervous system

Ascenti physiotherapist Paul Carson explores the upper limb nervous system and shares his advice for treating injuries to the two types of nerves within it.
Rachael Newman
11 Apr

Exercise and activity that can help with Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s is the fastest growing neurological condition in the world, and according to Parkinson’s UK, it is estimated that around 145,000 people live with a Parkinson's diagnosis in Britain.
Andreas Hessner
15 Mar

Optimise your recovery after the CrossFit Open

CrossFit has become a popular form of exercise and is known for its “high-intensity” strength and conditioning workouts that are made up of functional movements. These movements are actions that we perform in our day-to-day life, like squatting, pulling, and pushing.
Debbie Christer
9 Feb

How to manage sore arms after a Covid jab

More than 36 million people in the UK have already had a Covid booster jab, with many more people planning to get theirs over the coming weeks and months. One of the most common side effects is a sore arm following the injection.
Debbie Christer
6 Jan

Top tips to avoid injury as you start your New Year fitness regime

After the excesses of Christmas, a lot of you will be looking to embark on a New Year fitness regime and ensure you’re in the best shape possible.  However, in all the excitement to get started, it’s easy to forget to prepare your joints properly or to simply overdo it, which can put you at risk of pain or injury.
Ascenti Team
5 Jul

Is it safe to run when you have back pain?

We take a look at whether or not it’s necessary for you to hang up your training shoes, and when you need to modify your running load if you experience back pain.
Ascenti Team
5 Jul

Is walking good for back pain?

We explore the research into how staying active by walking can have huge benefits for relieving back pain.
Chris Stokes
6 Jul

Recovery following respiratory illness

Ascenti Physiotherapist, Chris Stokes, provides advice on recovery following a respiratory illness like coronavirus.
Ascenti Team
24 Apr

The technophobe's guide to online appointments

If you’re not the most confident with technology and are wondering where to begin with the whole concept of ‘online’ physiotherapy appointments, check out our advice here.
Nick Worth
17 Apr

Physio tips for home workers

It's now quite common for people who would usually work in an office to work from home, either full or part-time. Here are some tips for home workers to keep healthy and mobile.
Kirsty Lee
17 Apr

Five physio tips for pregnancy during self-isolation

Physiotherapist and Women’s Health Lead at Ascenti, Kirsty Lee shares five tips for pregnancy during self-isolation to help keep you healthy at home.
Ascenti Team
14 Apr

Are you sitting comfortably?

Working from home might be causing you long-term problems including back and neck pain. Take our quick quiz to find out whether your home office is up to the job.
Nick Worth
30 Mar

Five stretches for home workers

Don’t let your temporary workstation cause you permanent problems. Here are five simple stretches that you can do whilst working from home to keep you healthy.
Alison Day
27 Mar

Protecting yourself and others from injury when isolating 

Slips, trips and falls are a fact of life, but there are things that we can all do to prevent mishaps that may lead to injury.
Laura Slocombe
27 Mar

Working from home ruining your posture? Here’s how to sit properly

Ascenti physiotherapist Laura Slocombe shares some simple adjustments you can make to help reduce the risk of aches, pains or injury and create a more comfortable and productive home working environment. 
Jonathan Scattergood
27 Mar

How to set up an ergonomic home office 

Working from home? Here's how to get yourself set up with a good ergonomic office space to help you to reduce pain, avoid injury and keep productivity up.
Ascenti Team
2 Mar

Sciatica in pregnancy 

Sciatica during pregnancy is not something that you have to put up with - learn more about the symptoms, causes and effective treatment of pregnancy-related sciatica.
Nick Worth
28 Feb

Sciatica: Symptoms, causes & treatment

Sciatica is a common complaint that can be extremely painful, but you do not have to put up with it. Find out more about what it is, what causes it and how you can treat it.
Lovely Figueroa
11 Nov

Waking up with severe neck pain

Lovely Figueroa is an Ascenti Physiotherapist based in the East Midlands. The sudden onset of neck pain and stiffness when you wake up is a common condition that can be very worrying. Lovely explains why this happens, what you should do and how to prevent future problems.
Afsaneh Abedi
11 Nov

How to manage a sprained ankle with physiotherapy

Afsaneh Abedi is an Ascenti Physiotherapist based in the East Midlands. Having worked in a hospital setting and with a keen interest in musculoskeletal (MSK) physiotherapy, Afsaneh has seen many ankle injuries. Here is her expert advice about ankle sprains and how to manage them.
Colleen Magee
21 Oct

How to manage pelvic pain during pregnancy

Colleen Magee is an Ascenti Advanced Physiotherapist Practitioner based in Lincoln. Here she answers common questions about Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP), hip, leg and back pain during pregnancy.
Kirsty Lee
21 Oct

Rebuilding strength and exercising after birth

Since qualifying as an MSK physiotherapist, Kirsty Lee has pursued a particular interest in women’s health issues through a range of specialist courses and additional training.  Here, she covers a hot topic amongst many new mums – what can I expect from my physical recovery and when can I exercise again?
Ascenti Team
13 Aug

Injury care guide

Although injuries vary considerably, management of the majority of musculoskeletal complaints is often very similar. This brief guide is not exhaustive, but will help advise you on the basic management of your injury or condition.
Jacek Garbacz
29 Apr

6 tips for office workers to beat the aches and pains

Jacek Garbacz is an Ascenti Physiotherapist based in Plymouth and East Cornwall. In this article Jacek provides some practical advice about how office workers can stop pain before it starts with simple stretches and small changes. 
Alan Young
12 Apr

Top physio tips for a long walk or hike 

Alan Young is an Ascenti Physiotherapist based in London.   He is an experienced clinician and a walking enthusiast himself, having climbed the Himalayas, the Alps and more recently mountains in Japan as part of an eleven-day trek.  Alan combines his physiotherapy expertise with his own personal walking experiences, to bring you his top tips. 
Patrick Walsh
25 Mar

Smash your workout and build muscle 

As a seasoned gym goer, a passionate runner and someone who competes in endurance challenges regularly, Patrick gives us his top tips on how to reach your goals, build muscle and avoid injury.
Huw Dimond
25 Feb

Top physio tips for rugby players

Ascenti physiotherapist and former rugby pro Huw Dimond shares his top tips on how to minimise the risks of the game, reduce the long-term effects of injury and return to action faster.
Huw Dimond
8 Feb

Top physio tips for snowboarders

Ascenti physio and snowboard instructor Huw Dimond gives his top tips on how to prevent injuries, perform better and fully enjoy your time on the slopes.
Ascenti Team
21 Jan

Protecting yourself from minor injuries

Slips, trips and falls are a fact of life, but there are things that we can all do to prevent mishaps that may lead to injury.
Nick Worth
14 Jan

Back pain: Symptoms, causes & treatment

Back pain is a common complaint that can affect different people in different ways. Here we talk through the common symptoms, causes and treatment.
Ascenti Team
7 Jan

Reducing the impact of persistent pain

Persistent pain is complicated and is not easily ‘fixed’. However, there are steps you can take to manage your pain and reduce the impact that it has on your life.
Ascenti Team
7 Jan

10 ways to manage pain

Feeling frustrated by pain? Following these steps can help you to manage pain and move forward with your life.
Ascenti Team
7 Jan

Using ice and heat at home

Discover how to use ice and heat effectively to treat pain or injury at home.
Josh Conway
10 Dec

Physio tips for long-distance cycling

Cycling is an increasingly popular form of exercise in the UK. Here are some top tips to help prevent pain and enhance your performance while long-distance cycling.
Ascenti Team
3 Dec

Injury care guide

Although injuries vary considerably, management of the majority of musculoskeletal complaints is often very similar. This brief guide is not exhaustive, but will help advise you on the basic management of your injury or condition.
Ascenti Team
22 Nov

Sleep well – feel good 

Sleep is essential if you are recovering from an injury or looking to improve your physical wellbeing generally. Read our six tips for a restorative night's sleep.
Ascenti Team
6 Nov

Stress less and recover faster 

Your mental health can have a big impact on your physical health and vice versa. Take our stress test and discover 10 tips to help you stress less.
Ascenti Team
29 Oct

Returning to exercise following injury 

Injuries can be frustrating, especially when they interrupt your ability to regularly play sport or workout. Before trying to jump back to your normal levels of exercise, here is some guidance to help you safely and effectively return to exercise.
Nick Kommatas
22 Oct

How to treat whiplash with physiotherapy

Nick Kommatas is an Ascenti Physiotherapist based in Stoke on Trent.  In his clinic he sees a lot of patients with whiplash who have been referred to us for treatment by a medical agency or solicitor.  Nick explains what whiplash is and the best way to manage your recovery. 
Ascenti Team
17 Sep

How to treat a soft-tissue injury, sprain or strain 

Sprains, strains and other soft-tissue injuries can be painful, frustrating and sometimes hard to shake off. Find out the best way to effectively treat your injury here.
Georgina Hoare
7 Sep

Common myths about back pain

Back pain is a common musculoskeletal complaint, but it is often misunderstood and there are lots of myths associated with it that can be really unhelpful.
Helen Davison
30 Aug

Physio advice for a long-haul flight

Helen Davison is an Ascenti physiotherapist based in London. Here she combines her personal experiences of travelling the world with her clinical expertise, to bring you top advice about coping with the aches and pains associated with long-haul travel.
Ascenti Team
24 Aug

Five steps for managing a painful or injured joint

You use most of the joints in your body every single day, so when they become acutely painful it can be a real problem that impacts on your day to day life.
Peter Gizauskas
17 Aug

10 steps for an injury and pain free festival 

Peter Gizauskas is an Ascenti Physiotherapist based in Bristol. He is an experienced clinician, as well as a keen music fan who regularly attends festivals.  Here he gives us his top tips on how to avoid injury and the best way to recover from those aches and pains afterwards. 
Matt Rawlins
12 Jul

On top of your game - 10 tips for footballers

Ascenti Senior Physiotherapist, Matt Rawlins, explains what you can do to protect yourself and minimise the risk of injury when playing football.
Beverley Gorbutt
9 May

How to stop lower back pain before it starts

Ascenti Physiotherapist, Beverley Gorbutt, shares some advice on the steps you can take to stop lower back pain before it starts.
Olukayode Faleye
27 Apr

How to avoid injury while training for a running event

Ascenti Physiotherapist and running enthusiast, Olukayode Faleye, shares his top tips on avoiding common injury pitfalls when training for a running event.
Ryan Sneddon
27 Apr

Five physio tips for extreme endurance challenges

Ascenti Physiotherapist and our resident kayak expert, Ryan Sneddon, shares his top tips on how to prepare for an extreme challenge event.
Ascenti Team
2 Mar

Fuel your body with a balanced diet

Eating a balanced diet and maintaining a healthy weight will help you to feel your best. It is especially important if you are recovering from an injury, are training hard or if you are managing a long-term condition or complaint.
Ascenti Team
26 Feb

Anterior knee pain

Pain at the front of the knee is a common problem experienced by around 25% of the population at some point in life. Clinicians and physiotherapists call this anterior knee pain, or patellofemoral pain.
Ascenti Team
26 Feb

Achilles tendon pain

The achilles tendon is the large band of tissue at the back of your ankle and heel. Achilles tendonitis or tendinopathy is when this tendon becomes inflamed, causing pain and discomfort.
Ascenti Team
31 Jan

Neck pain

Neck pain and stiffness is a common complaint and can occur for a variety of different reasons. It can feel painful and uncomfortable because there are so many different muscles, ligaments, joints and nerve ends within your neck.
Ascenti Team
31 Jan

Osteoarthritis of the knee

Osteoarthritis of the knee is a long-term condition causing the cartilage in the knee to gradually wear away. This is a normal part of the ageing process known as degeneration.
Ascenti Team
31 Jan

Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain and stiffness can occur for many different reasons, but it is usually a result of the muscles surrounding the shoulder becoming irritated and inflamed. Symptoms may be related to posture, or there could be an underlying condition, such as shoulder impingement or frozen shoulder.
Ascenti Team
31 Jan

Lower back pain

Pain in the lower back (lumbar spine) can be triggered by many different factors. It’s the most common reason people seek physiotherapy and can be painful and frustrating.