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01.31.18|Posted by Ascenti Team

Neck pain

Neck pain and stiffness is a common complaint and can occur for a variety of different reasons. It can feel painful and uncomfortable because there are so many different muscles, ligaments, joints and nerve ends within your neck.


Symptoms of neck pain can include: 

  • Sharp pain 
  • Pain that can spread down your neck 
  • Stiffness and difficulty turning your head 
  • Headaches 


Your neck is a complex area of nerves, tendons and muscle surrounding the top of your spine (cervical spine). 

Neck pain is rarely serious. It can either develop over time due to posture or tension, or occur because of sudden forces to the neck, such as a car accident.

Damage to the cervical spine or neck muscles becoming strained, can cause inflammation and pain. This can be caused by many different factors, including: 

  • Whiplash 
  • Poor posture 
  • Locked neck after sleeping – also known as acute torticollis 
  • Carrying heavy or unbalanced loads or handbags 
  • Wear and tear to the muscles 
  • Trauma or injury to the area 
  • Spine and muscle imbalance 
  • Stress or emotional trauma 

Treatment with us 

Step by step we can help you to feel better. 

Your physiotherapist will discuss a treatment plan with you, which is likely to include: 

  • Soft-tissue massage 
  • Joint mobilisation 
  • Exercise therapy 
  • Correction of posture and sleeping positions 
  • Heat and ice to relieve pain and swelling
  • Stretching exercises to relieve tension 
  • Lifestyle advice 

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