09.16.22|Posted by Ascenti Team

Career progression for a physiotherapist

Marcus Quarmby is a Senior MSK Physiotherapist and Physiotherapy Development Lead at Ascenti. We caught up with Marcus to find out about his career progression into an APP at Ascenti.

What route did you decide to take?

I started with the portfolio route, however after some time I decided this wasn’t right for me and I applied to do a part-time MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice which was fully funded by Ascenti. 

Can you tell us a bit more about your time on the course?

Within the portfolio route, I received regular support from my mentor and educator. Once a month at Ascenti I would conduct a consultation observation session that involved my assessment with a FCP patient being observed and monitored. Following these observations, my mentor would give me the opportunity to reflect and ask thought-provoking questions that would challenge my reasoning and analysis of the situation. My mentor would then provide feedback to help with my development. This feedback was a valuable piece of evidence for my CPD portfolio by allowing me to demonstrate some of the competencies that are required to be evidenced on the KSF framework. 

During a monthly call with my mentor, I would select a challenging case I experienced and my mentor would ask me questions to highlight any shortcomings in my clinical reasoning, knowledge or skills that helped my future learning. 

In addition to this, I had weekly group calls with other FCPs and APPs. This gave me the opportunity to learn from my colleagues as they shared their own challenging case experiences, were able to discuss recent research and listened to ideas and tips from other senior clinicians and consultants. 

How had Ascenti supported you throughout your career?

The mentorship that I have received from senior colleagues at Ascenti has been invaluable. Ascenti has supported me through my whole time here and helped me apply for my fully funded MSc. 

How does Ascenti support those who want to become an APP/FCP?

Ascenti hosts regular conversations with their staff to understand how they can help develop their career with them. For those who are keen to progress into advanced practice Ascenti provides ample opportunities for them to shadow FCP and APPs in clinic as well as discussing the different clinical pathways they can choose to access. 

What advice would you give someone considering joining Ascenti?

Regularly reflect on where you are and where you want to be and set short, medium and long term goals. I would suggest building a strong relationship with your mentor and challenge yourself to develop your knowledge, skills and clinical reasoning further. Take advantage of everything that Ascenti offers you to help you work on your career journey.