Soft tissue massage

To reduce tension, promote healing and restore normal function to the body, we use soft-tissue massage techniques. 

Your therapist may use some or all of the below soft-tissue massage techniques, depending on your own personal needs and suitability. 

Effleurage – warming the area and increasing blood flow 
When we use light massage strokes to warm the area up and increase blood flow, in preparation for deep massage work. 

Muscle Energy Techniques (MET) – stretching stiff muscles 
This stretching technique uses the contraction and relaxation of the muscle to create an effective and gradual stretch. This helps to improve your range of movement and flexibility. 

Trigger point therapy – releasing areas of tension
When we press and hold onto the trigger area or muscle knot to release it. This may feel uncomfortable to begin with, but any discomfort will ease off after a few seconds as the area releases. 

Deep Transverse Frictions – breaking down scar tissue 
This is a deep and targeted massage that we apply using long movements – it helps to align soft-tissue fibres and breaks down scar tissue.  

Myofascial Release – reducing tightness 
We use this technique to reduce tightness by releasing and stretching the thin layer of connective tissue surrounding the muscle called the fascia.

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